Only in the Flow of Godís Life, in the True Light

I grew up in the flow of Godís life in the local church. I was six years old when I began to enter into this flow. At such a young age, I began to enjoy the Lord in a simple and pure way. Although in my being there was no realization about the church, little by little I experienced the Lordís freshness, like the dew.

I am 23, and the more I grow and become mature in Godís Word and read the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, the more my life changes. The writings of these two brothers have helped me to continue my normal Christian life; they echo in my spirit as well as in my entire being. Watchman Nee and Witness Lee help the reader to understand the knowledge and to apply it in daily life. These writings motivate, encourage, and exhort the reader to continue in the Lord not as a mere doctrine, but with the main goal of practicing such truths in his being.

I can testify and assure that the local churches are not a ďmovementĒ. During the 17 years I have been meeting with the church I have seen that hundreds of persons have been helped by the truths revealed from the Bible. The veils of many have been taken and for others scales have been removed from their eyes.

Such ministry has enlightened my way by bringing me true light. My unique desire is that the Lord will accomplish His will.

Perla Cabanillas

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