Knowing Christ and the Church

I love this ministry that opens the eyes. Witness Leeís writings are Godís speaking to man. This ministry showed me to call upon Godís name, to enjoy Christ, to take Him as my Person. Now I know that Christ is living; I love Him; and I experience Him. I know Christ and the church by this ministry. I heard about the local churches in February of 1982. I could not see so much light and I became blind as the apostle Paul, but after eight months the Lord brought me to call upon His name, ďOh Lord Jesus! Oh Lord Jesus! Oh Lord Jesus!Ē (Acts 9:8) I began to enjoy Christ; then three years later my husband came to the church. I have four daughters that follow the Lord. We are a family who loves fellowshipping with the local church.

Dora Cabanillas

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